JEREMY WARREN/I Can Do All Things: The title of this drummer’s album is no idle boast. Coming up to New York from down home, he’s taken his place in line managing to play with everyone that matters. This is a diversely textured album that plays like something deeper than a resume piece but does show off the various points of his diversity scale. A jazzbo that came up through gospel, he knows how to share and play well with others which will probably assure his spot at the back of the bandstand for a long time to come. Well done. ”

Chris Spector, Editor and Publlisher

The soaring saxophone trimmings of "Modern Warfare" infuse a splash of bebop synergy into the number as Warren's rippling drumbeats give the melody a power boost. The soulful tint of Dermel's vocals is emblematic of blues singers such as Erykah Badu. The comfy stroll of Joel Desroches' piano keys sculpt glittering punctuations along "Yet Faithful" entwined in shimmering cascades rendering a moonligh-inbued ambiance as the rolling toots of the saxophone spin and spiral elegantly across the track. It's a lovely piece laden with tender emotions shown in the fluidity of the lyrical verses.”

Susan Fances- AXS Contributor