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I Can Do All Things is inspired by my battle with Steven Johnson’s Syndrome as a child and the subsequent effects it has caused as an adult. Through being told I wasn’t going to make it alive, would be blind, 4 cornea transplants, and in and out of the hospital I’ve accomplished more than half of my dreams in spite of my circumstances and handicaps. This album illustrates my deepest feelings.

There’s ten tracks on the album with eight composed by me. This album is a mix of my musical background of Inspirational, R & B, Hip Hop, Neo-Soul, and Jazz. I wanted to illustrate my deepest feelings about the things I have experienced throughout my life through my music. Each song has a personal meaning to me and the entire album takes you on a musical journey throughout my life.

I featured my wife, Dermel Warren to make my compositions more interesting and personal. She’s not a traditional jazz vocalist, so I envisioned a sound as if R & B singer, Brandy was singing jazz. Dermel’s voice and talents captured that concept eloquently. The album also has two special appearances by Andy Milne of Dapp Theory and Lenny Pickett of SNL and Tower of Power.

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